Friday, January 30, 2009

One month

It is Friday! yeah! And I have not only completed another week of this grueling commute but have actually completed another month - 4 weeks! Thank you, thank you to Smokey and Thomas for getting me through this. The morning walks have certainly helped out. 31 days now!

And another .7 lbs this morning. 6.5 lbs total now. The challenge is this weekend with Tarragon and the Crab Fest tomorrow and the Superbowl on Sunday. I will do my best not to completely retrace this week's gains.

On a sad note, I am mourning the loss of our trees on San Antonio. The trees, including a number of heritage pines provided a beautiful green tunnel that made me feel like I was coming home along a country lane. All of them have been razed to the ground and now the street looks like an urban, concrete thoroughfare. Not pleasant or beautiful to drive down. The city can say whatever it wants about safety, etc. but I think the real reason that they did it was economic so they don't have to keep trimming the roots back to keep the road smooth. This is a very sad loss. We need more greenery and not less. What were they thinking?


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