Wednesday, February 04, 2009

More post C stuff


craving chocolate and greasy food, check
breaking out, check
mid-back pain for 2 days, check
weight gain, check

What is happening? It is that time of the month again. 4 months in a row now:
Nov. 11
Dec. 3
Jan. 3
Feb. 3 (yes, started last night).
don't know how you can get anymore regular than that. Just like clockwork and with all of the symptoms.

Well, I am happy and hope that this truly means good things for my body and mind - as I have said many times before. Just not thrilled with the technicalities of dealing with this monthly but I will take them.

On another front, today was the 36th day straight of early morning dog walks - 1/2 hour - 1.5+ miles. Dogs and me - happy. Still have not lost much (Most of last weeks loss was recovered in the PMS period - Hopefully, it will go away soon - the weight, not the monthlies). Thomas has still not learned "heel" although he definitely knows what it is - just has a short attention span and has to be frequently reminded. He is doing better on challenge weekend and I am hopeful that one day, he will be able to peacefully pass other dogs on the street.

This morning was a bit scary. It appears that we had a stalker - in a toyota pickup truck and I have the license plate number so go away or I will report you. I need my walks. The dogs need their walks and we don't need any scaries walking with us - thank you. We are very happy walking along and enjoying the peace and quiet on our own.


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