Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Thursday

So I was just sitting here and realized that.... "I'm Happy!". Now, it is not that I am never happy. In fact, I spend most of my days traveling through in some kind of happy stupor. Even with the economy and the rain and the traffic and the commute, somehow that happy seed pops out and grows me a happy tree.

But, anyway, today, somehow, I am inordinately happy. Don't ask me why. Hmmmmm.......... After 51 days, Thomas is finally starting to act like, he not only knows how to, but that he might actually want to heal in the proper place at my side. He still wanders but then comes on back. A vast improvement. And did I mention it has now been 51 days! Yes, 51 straight mornings - through rain, wind, deluges and floods, even stalkers, we have kept up our 1/2 hour walks (1.5+ miles). The dogs are looking better for it. Thomas has trimmed up and actually has rippling muscles. His fur looks so much better and is very soft. His ears are now standing up almost like when he was a puppy - and I thought he had outgrown that. Smokey Bear also looks better although it is harder to tell. He has always been thin but actually now looks a little more beefed up from a muscular standpoint - somewhat like the body builder compared to the 90 lb weakling on the beach getting sand kicked in his face (Smokey would be the body builder).

As for me, my body is not all streamlined with rippling muscles but it may be that I am just to close to it and too critical. Too date (after 51 days) I have lost only 6 lbs - a far cry from the 32 more I need to lose but, hey, it is at least in the right direction. Why is it so easy to put on and so darn difficult to take off?? I think that my body must have trimmed up a bit, too since I am fitting into my clothes a bit better than I normally would at this weight.

Weekends have been the hardest. I have this mentality of wanting to sleep in after a long week but need to get up early on Sat so that I can walk the boys before heading off to my volunteer job at the animal shelter at 9 AM. On Sundays, I get up even earlier to walk them before heading off to yoga at 8 AM. After getting up and going, I am happy I did. Just have to get my mind out of the sleep in mentality. After all, I can always come home and take a nap afterword. And then there is the weekend challenge of everyone else in the neighborhood walking their dogs. I am hoping with Thomas getting better at heeling that he will also settle more around other dogs.

And then, I can just be happy because it is Thursday and I only have one more day of work this week. And.... work has been very busy so the days have been passing much more quickly which is a whole lot better than sitting here twiddling my thumbs for 8 hours.

And.... it is sunny outside...something that I always like.

And.....my energy level is good....




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