Monday, February 09, 2009


Ok. This office is so cold. My fake nipple is standing up - no, really. It is. Don't ask me how but I looked in the bathroom mirror and there were two - one on each side.

Now, my house is 59 - 61 degrees and that is cold. I am wrapped up head to toe with blankets and a space heater to stay warm. And, I swear this office is colder than that. I am getting hypothermia. Come on people, we are not doing aerobics in here. We are sitting all day at a computer typing numbers into spreadsheets. A little heat please. My fingers are cold. My nose is cold. I am getting brain freeze. Have to go outside in the 51 degree weather just to warm up. TURN ON THE HEAT!!! Can I sue for hypothermia?

And why do I blog? Because I am sitting here cold and bored. Yet one more day with nothing to do but fill out the time. I am happy for the paycheck but wondering why the heck this client is willing to pay the money and waste my talents. ugh! Life is much better and time passes quicker when you are busy.

On another note. Have now reached 41 DAYS! of morning walks with the dogs. That is amazing. I don't think that I have ever done anything in my life for 41 days straight except maybe watch tv, eat and sleep. How pathetic is that! Thank you to my dogs. I am on a roll here. It is tough on the weekends when I would rather just snuggle in and sleep but I want to see how far I can take this thing and, of course, the dogs are loving it! They seem so much younger, livelier, clear-eyed, softer furred, etc., etc. They are looking so fit and I actually had to start feeding them a bit more. Wish it were doing the same for me but then I had so much further to go than they did. 5 lbs is a big deal on them.

Wish I had even lost 5 lbs but this stubborn weight is just staying on. I even gained back the losses of 2 weeks ago. One weekend and 4 weeks of hard work down the drain. What a bummer. Why is it like that? I have been so persistent with the exercise and good eating and nothing happens but one weekend of overindulgence and 4 - 5 lbs can go on just like that (snaps fingers). Must be the cold. My body is trying to hang on to whatever padding it can to insulate against the cold. Good excuse though, wasn't it? Seriously, don't know what is happening. I had that great 6+ lb weight loss in 4 days and didn't do anything different. Yes, I journaled and checked and now for 2 weeks - nothing, nada, nix. This is weird because usually when I pack my lunch every day, cook my dinner and work out, the weight comes off.

Just have to keep plugging away...and stop talking about it now because it is beginning to depress me.

Back to the 41 days! Yeah! Almost 50 - 1/2 century. That is my first goal and then onward to 100 and more. I must say that I really do feel good after the walks and it has been nice to see the sunrise on the weekends. I have more energy, too and manage to get in a cleaning of a drawer or two, load the dishwasher, pull a few weeds or various other "little" chores right after before winding down into something more relaxing.

Sure got me through the 2 1/2 hour yoga and dance class Saturday night. 1/2 hour straight of wild, all out, arms flailing, legs and feet moving, head swinging, hip swaying dancing. Pictures a 60's revival with everyone wiped out on some psychedelic and moving wildly and erratically around the room and that is what we looked like. Everyone was hot and sweating but still we kept going. Mix that in with some serious yoga and the next day I was pretty sore and stiff. Still managed to get out of bed for the 1/2 hour 1.5+ mile walk with the dogs the next morning.

Guess I have run out of topics. Just get me through the next hour and a half please without freezing to death and then safely home and I promise to turn on Wii fit and do a workout this evening.



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Congrats on the 41 days!! That's great.

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