Friday, February 20, 2009

Another day

So, my day yesterday was going just fine and I was so happy to get home before 7PM so that I could do my WiiFit and have my dinner before sitting down to Survivor.

Not to be. My wonderful day came to a jarring stop when I walked in the door of the house. Thomas had been in trouble again. I knew it right away because he was outside and wouldn't come in. My crossword puzzle book (100 NY Times Crossword puzzles back to their origination in the 20's - or something like that. I was on #82) was torn up on the floor. He had even managed to chew and pull out the wire rap binding about halfway up the spine. Of course, he had to spend more time mangling the puzzles I hadn't actually done yet.

As I looked around, I realized that he had spent another part of his day busily chewing on my walls - which I have repaired umpteen times in the 9 years that he has lived with me. I have never had a dog that chewed walls and am at my wits end as to what to do with him. My house looks like a slum and I can't keep anything nice. I am so tired of repairing and painting them. Have tried tin foil, hot pepper, dog off, windex, shock treatment (works but don't have enough units and can't isolate enough to the specific areas of the chewing) and just yelling. The yelling scares him and hence the reason he is outside. He obviously knows he has done something wrong so why do it? He never does anything like this when I am around. Only when I am gone. Not every day either. I have yet to know what sets him off.

So, instead of the lovely evening I had planned, I was taping my book back together and repairing the walls. I put their food in their bowls and made them sit there just looking at it while I completed this whole process which took over one hour (The walls aren't painted - just the spackling - still have to sand, re-spackle, smooth, texturize, paint, faux finish - a very long process). They sat there the whole time just looking at their food. Poor Smokey, he had to go along too because it is difficult to separate that command for them.

After the work, I still had WiiFit (Don't want to mess up my schedule now - 7 lbs down) and finally sat down with my dinner and Survivor at 9:15 PM. Which of course made my whole evening later and I got to bed late so this morning I am not as "perky" (only 4 1/2 hours sleep).

I am hoping for a better house when I come home tonight.


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