Saturday, May 17, 2008

May already?? Whoa.......

So, another month has passed already. I am still writing April on my checks. Where did the time go?

And, no, I am not writing because I had my period again. Have not been visited by that blessed event this month - yet.

So, my day today:

7AM - Water the plants in the garden that are particularly susceptible to the hot days we have been having.

- Walk the dogs - They loved that. It had been far too long since the last one. They did really well. And, yes, two other people were out walking their dogs, too.

- Eat breakfast and Plan the Party - Invitations are mostly out. Hope folks respond soon. There is still a 20 person spread between the high and the low and a few more people I would like to invite. However, if I hit the high, I will be over the limit so must wait........people, please RSVP soooooonnnnnnn.........
Worked on the menu today. Crossing my fingers that the caterer will accept my changes. Took some time to sort it all out.
Checked the special savings account set up to accumulate the funds for this extravaganza. So far, so good.
Still so much to do and the party is only 2 1/2 months away!

-Navigate Castro Street which is blocked off due to the street fair. Had to go through all of the street fair traffic around to get to the other side to my gym to work out. Barely made it for the last round before closing.

- Work out

- Subway Sandwich - next door to gym to pick up 6 gram chicken sandwich.

- Bank

- Grocery Store - Really wanted some Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip. However, Safeway had a meltdown - literally. All of their ice cream melted last night so the ice cream case was empty except for some Dreyer's that they had in the back - not natural, not as tasty as Breyer's but it was mint chocolate chip and I had a craving so I got some.

- Home - eat lunch - Subway sandwich

- Shelter - Take care of 4 chihuahua mixes, 1 teeny, tiny nobody knows what dog, 1 English Spaniel

- Afterwards, I am planning on checking out a house for sell in my neighborhood, going to Nordstrom to look at dresses for the party, come home, eat ice cream and relax. Maybe pay some bills.

And............Such a nice day. Had the top down (on the car) and was driving by my Sisters house. No cars there. Probably went to the beach, I thought. Darn! I should have called. Going to the beach today would have been much more fun!!

Have a great day!