Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Amazon Sale!

Woohoo! After 54 days, I finally sold one of my books on Amazon. My first on-line sale of any type, anywhere. It was a $14 paperback that I sold for $19 (Collector's item). After shipping and Amazon's commission, I ended up with $11.78 for a book that Bookbuyers in Mountain View wouldn't even give me store credit for. Needless to say, I am happy. I know it is not much mone but exciting none-the-less. I really didn't expect any of the 33 books I listed to sell so this was a surprise.

Here I am

Well. I know it has been awhile. 18 days. I have been busy. The 4 day gig lasted until last Friday (23rd). It was fun and a nice company. And they fed me. No grocery shopping for 3 weeks except for milk and dog food. Some days were relatively short (7 hours) and others were very long (13 hours) but I got paid for every hour. Yeah!

This morning, I signed all the paperwork with RGB, my new company. I am now officially an Associate and Consultant of Finance with them. My first assignment starts on Wednesday. I couldn't believe the stack of paperwork I had to sign today. It is really amazing how many times the government needs your signature just for a company to give you a paycheck. I also walked away with a bag of the typical goodies - pens, pencils, coaster, travel mug, post-its - and will soon have my own (or rather the company's with my name on them) business cards. I am pretty excited, needless to say and already making priority lists of the things I haven't been able to buy over the last two years. The first thing was clothes for work. I managed to get a pair of pants, 2 tops and a jacket. That now gives me 3 pairs of non-jeans pants. It will get me started anyway but I will probably need more. I would love to just wear jeans but do need to look a bit more "business" with the clients at least for the first couple of days.

Also on the list were the trunk shocks for my car. Since it had to go in for an intermediate servicing today, I had the shop put them in. It will be a relief (not to mention much safer) not having the trunk fall on me every time I try to put in or take out groceries, yoga gear, gardening stuff, etc. This had been put off for about 6 months since I didn't have the money to do it. And I have had a few very painful bumps on the head, arms, back. That trunk lid is HEAVY! My hula hoop was in the trunk when I took my car in and the mechanics had a good time trying it out.

The CBHP (Community Breast Health Project) fashion show took place on St. Patrick's Day Saturday. I modeled Tommy Bahama and some other outfit that I don't know the name of. Will post some photos later. There were 30 of us models and we had a great time. Apparently the audience loved it, too as the screaming was so loud that we could barely hear the music. The show was a benefit to raise money for CBHP which provides so many of the needed services for women diagnosed with breast cancer. I attended their open houses where I was able to talk with Doctors in different specialties and get advice as I went through my treatments and procedures. I also attended their young women's support group and used the Buddy program to find my plastic surgeon. There are many other useful services that I didn't use. I am now a Buddy in the program so that I can help other women.

The soul mate search is still on and not progressing very well. eHarmony is going much slower than expected and has not provided the advertised "match". The first and only guy I have dated from there so far moved to Texas after our first date - no, not because of me :) ...... or was it? hmmmmm.........

Finished my taxes today and gave them over to my accountant. Thank goodness he takes care of them. They give me a headache just to think about. Glad they are off my plate.

And........TIVO has now partnered with Amazon so that you can download movies directly from Amazon for $3.99. They can sit on your TIVO for a month unless you press the play button in which case you have 24 hours to view them. It sure beats going to the video store or waiting on Netflix. I haven't tried it yet but will when I get a little breather.

I guess this all means that I am officiially past my two year sojourn into BC and now resuming what is called "normal" life. I will miss all of the time I have had to volunteer for worthwhile causes, spend days with my family and friends, take mid-day walks with the dogs, go to yoga and painting classses and all of the other things that kept my days so full and busy that I never managed to finish the filing in my study, painting of my house, cleaning of the garage or the yard. I plan to keep the yoga, dog walks, painting and family and friend time but will have to work it into evenings and weekends like other folks do. The volunteer activities will have to be cut down although there are a few I will keep. It is really difficult to fit a full time job into my busy schedule. :)

Friday, March 09, 2007

Nice sunny weather.....

and still working. Project finished up yesterday but on my way home, I got a call that the CFO decided he had something more to do so I am going back in this morning. WooHoo. That is me cheering.

My life continues to be busy with my other activities and with this darn cold. I know that mostly everyone has the flu and thankful that I escaped that. However, the cold, though not as bad, has certainly seemed to hang on.

Looking forward to some good wine tasting and hanging out with friends this weekend. Hey, soulmate, if you are looking for me, I will be at Diane's house. :)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Still working

The 4 day gig has now turned to 5. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Another day, another dollar as they say. Today was a short day and I finished at 3:00 but they asked me to come back again tomorrow. Of course, I said okay.

On another note, I have it from one of my readers that Sears on San Antonio Road has renewed their lease for another 3 years and is no longer going out of business. Thus, those hired under the "still hiring" sign will most likely have jobs for a while longer. Strange........

As for my search for a soulmate. Where are you? I know you are out there. Somewhere in the Bay Area. Within 10 miles of my home. Come out of hiding please. Don't you feel that tug at your heart telling you that I am here?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Me working

Uhuh. Yep. Me Working. That's me. Only a 4-day consulting gig but in my chosen field (translate as A REAL JOB) and making $$ none-the-less. Let's hope this bodes well for the future. Me Working. Me Working. YEAH!