Friday, November 14, 2008

More post-C stuff

Seems like I never get to write here anymore but I still do like to keep track of my bodies doings post-C. So here is the latest.

Apparently, April 8th was my last period ( and the second month in a row). Now, 6 months later (Nov 11th), I got it again (lightly) so it appears that my body may be back into the swing somewhat but accelerated from regular life and put closer to menopause. Who knows? All of my levels still look like I am living the young girl's life. Interestingly enough, all 3 of the "events" took place only after I had reached a certain level of "fat" - read obese (barely - 1 pound over). Is there something triggering my body at that point?

Well, that is about all of the news for now....