Sunday, November 18, 2007

Busy Sunday

Well, I have to say that this was not one of my fun Sundays. It started off fine with yoga this morning. Our regular teacher was not there and the substitute showed no mercy. It was a little too advanced for me. I am just not up to some of those pretzel positions yet. At some points, I was also just too exhausted to go on (and I am not a total beginner - but sure felt like one today).

Yoga was followed by a quick run through the farmer's market - trying hard not to get caught in another rain. 4 hours or cold drenching at the CAL-USC game last week was more than enough wetness for me.

I arrived home at 10:30 only to start on ATW's budgets which National oh so kindly gave us a whole 5 days to work on. My comments that all of the leaders were volunteers with day jobs fell on deaf ears. Its times like that when I really want to quit. Then I think of the wonderful women in our chapter here whose hearts and minds are dedicated and who are truly special in that they played a big supporting role as I went through my cancer treatments and I really don't want to quit. So, I will deal with National. After about 4 hours on those budgets which culminated in sending a fairly decent version to National, I turned my attention to FDS.

Our Jr. Acct. volunteer had come over to help out with the books. I was already exhausted and probably wouldn't have gone on if she hadn't been here. The next 5 hours were spent teaching her about QuickBooks which she had never worked on and getting even more basic trying to teach her about entering billings, making payments and writing checks and then entering invoices, receiving payments and making deposits and even how to read a bank statement. She is catching on fast but is really very green. It is nice to work with someone that is very eager to learn though. She has already finished 2 years of accounting at Foothill and started in the program at Santa Clara which makes me wonder just what they are teaching students in those schools!

Now, my day is done and, of course, I didn't get any of my stuff done - yard work, laundry, cleaning the study, calling the phone company to straighten out the bill, calling a plumber to explore the leak in my bathroom before I fall through the floor, etc., etc. Not to mention the relaxation I hope for on the weekend such as watching the million shows I have TIVOed, reading the stacks of books and magazines I have here, walking the dogs or working a crossword puzzle. I am really hoping that Thanksgiving sees me making more progress in all of these areas!

I am done with my complaining now and off to eat dinner and watch a little tv before off to bed and another work day tomorrow.


Oh and here is a little photo from Aspen just to get the juices going and encourage me to post more.

Thursday, November 08, 2007



I have finally discovered how to download photos from my camera to my computer. Somehow, I woke up this morning and figured that this was the day to finally just do it. I pulled out the book and the box with the camera accessories, put the disc in, uploaded it and then plugged the camera in. My computer was even helpful enough to have the USB port right in the front of the tower so that I didn't have to crawl on the floor, struggling to get behind the tower and find the port. I plugged everything in and VOILA! - less than 2 minutes later, 511 photos downloaded to the computer.

Now, what am I going to do with those? More photos than I have probably taken in my entire life. Lets see. 511/36 = 14 rolls of film. Well, I guess I might have taken a few more than that in my life time but not many more. A 2 week trip to India resulted in only 3 rolls of film and I thought that was a lot. This digital camera thing with the instant gratification does funny things to you and suddenly photos start multiplying like rabbits.

So. Back to the 511 photos. I tried to sort them but it wound up with lots of folders in folders. About that time, I figured I should be getting to work and leave this next step for later (hopefully not 4 months later like the last step). Ultimately, I guess the best thing would be to burn them to a disc and save them that way since it won't take long at this rate for my hard drive to be completely packed up.

Would love to load some of them up here on flicker for you to look at but, alas, I am here at work and the photos are on the hard drive at home so it will have to wait until I can get some time at home - hopefully soon.

In the meantime, it is almost time for the big USC/CAL game on Saturday so I can take my camera and shoot lots more photos - yeah. And then, what?..........

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

More blah, blah

Check it out! Only 2 weeks between blogs this time. Life must be getting better. And a good 2 weeks it was, too.

Got to go trick-or-treating with the candy corn crew. Lovely outfits for the kiddies and the adults. I donned my usual witchy type costume. (cute, not ugly)

Continuing painting of the "bodies" from Costco. Got some great photos yesterday. Now, if only I could figure out how to get them out of my camera........

Had lunch with the rep from El Camino non-profit org to discuss three upcoming exhibitions we are planning for the Creative Expressions painting group. By the way, the restaurant was Pasta? on Castro in Mt. View - good food!

Went to a pizza party for the DB team. My turn with the trophy now. Had to show it around to the family. Practice starts again in Jan.

Colondar party at Henry's on Sun. He was Mr. May and a darn good-looking one. We were really proud of our fellow paddler. The calendar was so well done. Had colon cancer patients from across the US - all artfully draped somehow in blue and looking really good. $15 for the colondar and proceeds go to the Colon Cancer foundation.

More yard work, more painting, repair work on a dresser that Smokey chewed during a panic attack. Oh yeah, and did I mention the earthquake? Exciting occurrence that. But I do think everyone has nearly forgotten it now.

Big brother's birthday. Some small amount of comfort for me every year that he will always be older than me. Heee Heeee!

More yard work, ATW books, checks, training new bookkeeper for FDS, CAbi parties and buying clothes. Some fit, some didn't - returned them.

Coming up. CAL game! Should still be exciting despite the dismal performances of the past few weeks and subsequent rankings drops. Friend coming for the weekend. Fun, Fun, Fun.

And, of course, work. Glad for daylight savings time. My sleep schedule was getting way too messed up. Is anyone else out there missing the long days of summer? And we are only in November. Still have to make it all the way through to Dec 22 before things will start to get ligther again.

Planted some Leeks on the weekend. They look just like grass right now. Hard to believe that they will grow so big. At least I certainly hope so. Harvested and ate one of my eggplants but it was bitter. Did I pick it too soon???

And, lastly, still no significant other (MAN) in my life. Someone please introduce me.........